Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many families have decided to move to the outer suburbs. A decision that has many advantages but that requires paying attention to ome details.

In large cities, apartments tend to be small, while in the suburbs the dimensions of homes tend to increase. The larger the size, the greater the energy consumption, or so they say. And we say no because if your home has LED lighting you may be ending up paying so much less in your bill.

Such saving will be especially notorious if you automate your home with LED technology. From the interior lightning to the outsides spaces like the garden, parking lot or the swimming pool.  Yes, you’ve read correctly, we have designed an unique range of LED luminaires suitable for humid environments such as AQUA927 and AQUA1545. Both models are available in two colour-light so you can customise your pool as you always dreamed of.

At Aqua Luxes we are aware of the importance of balancing the different elements in a place, and here lighting is such an important aspect. Every single detail and object that we may add to the pool, garden or recreation area must be in line with the design of the space, and for that reason you can have our LEDs in three different shape colours: Gold, silver and black. 

There are no excuses to give your office or home that unique touch to transform your space into your living and colourful dream.