With the increasing rise in the electricity bill, many of you have wondered what you can do not to have surprises at the end of the month. That is exactly what Aqua Luxes has thought by offering you solutions to condition your home and working space in an efficient way. You may wonder how, well, thanks to our LED lights you can reduce the monthly cost of electricity, in addition to custom every corner of your space with your unique touch.

And that is why going from traditional bulbs (incandescent, fluorescent) to LED lighting has many advantages. Indeed, they are lights that consume much less energy than a traditional light bulb.

Not only LED lights take care of your pocket, but also do so of the environment, that is another of their greatest advantages, as our lights do not contain mercury, it is a eco-friendly product.

However, if there is something that describes our luminaries, it is their safety. Our range of LEDs work with low-voltage current, and therefore the risks of suffering electrocution or an electric shock are practically zero.

Additionally, our LEDs do not overheat as they are designed to emit little heat. In fact, you can regulate the intensity of the LED according to your needs.

Furthermore, they are as safe and durable, so you won’t have to worry about buying bulbs every year. Using the lights that we offer, you can forget about replacing them again in a long time.

We know that cleaning is also an important aspect, and we have taken that into account. Thanks to its IP protection, our LED lights do not allow the entry of dust or water, and so you won’t have to worry about getting on a ladder to clean anything.

Our experience has taught us that each place is different and that each person customs their space to their liking. For this reason, we design our LED lights in different colours, always thinking about providing you that dream space you have always wanted.

Our experience working with both individuals and companies supports us, so do not hesitate to contact us to take the step to LED lighting.